What are you – a sheep?

Most of the people in the world today are what I consider to be sheep. I decided to take a few characteristics of sheep and discuss what sheepish people look and act like in the gym environment.

Timid, fearful, easily panicked

Sheepish people in the gym are the kind of people who are often very shy to speak to people because they are intimidated, are fearful of people who are not like them, and are easily panicked when they see something that is considered to be unorthodox or unconventional.

Dumb, stupid, gullible

This is pretty self-explanatory but I will divulge into this a little further. Sheepish people in the gym have no sort of self-education in the gym and are so absent minded where they are going believe anything that anyone tells them about training. If someone tells them that lifting in a leopard-print leotard will make them 10 times stronger, a sheepish person will believe and do it.

Very vulnerable to fear, frustration, pests, hunger

This is when they let the situation control then rather than controlling the situation. When a sheepish person sees someone go balls to the wall when training, they get so afraid that they forget all about training and are more worried about getting out of range. When they see someone who is serious about training getting stronger faster than they are, they get frustrated and give up. Like I said, they let the situation control them rather than taking the situation by the horns and becoming the master.

Easily influenced by a leader or shepherd

Sheepish people need a leader to survive. They need someone that will tell them how to run every single aspect of their lives. They need someone who will tell them when to train, how to train, what to train, how much to eat and how often to eat, where they should train – basically be their parent. Also, when the shepherd changes their mind about something, they will automatically will follow the leader and change their whole life around so they are just like the leader. I have seen guys carrying around magazines with their favorite lifter and will follow the exact routine and when the next issue with their favorite lifter comes out with a brand new routine, they will automatically change gears and follow the new routine.

Stampede easily, vulnerable to mob psychology

Mob psychology is when a person does something because everyone around them is doing it. Sheepish people will follow trends and fads in a heartbeat. If the new cardio trend is running on your hands and a sheepish person sees people doing that, the sheepish person will do it just because others are doing it. If a new training style has been mentioned in 3 of the 5 magazines a sheepish person reads, they will immediately change their routine to follow the one in the magazine.

Little or no means of self-defense

A sheepish person’s only option is flight. They will never stand up for what they believe in or fight for what they want. They think that there is no need to fight for something they believe in. They feel that fighting is useless and that is because they do not know how to defend themselves. If someone disagrees with them about diet or about training, they will back down and not even try to defend their point. They may appear that they can defend themselves, but in all actuality, they will never put up a fight. There is a difference between backing away because it’s a pointless argument and backing down because they don’t want to fight or defend you.

The shepherd is the most effective, calming influence

This is a tough one to really talk about but I will definitely give it a shot. Sheepish people find comfort in the words of their shepherd and will only be comforted by their words. Even if their shepherd is completely wrong, they will not listen to anyone else. For example, I have seen people doing certain exercises wrong and I would go up to them and tell them that they are running the risk of injuring themselves and they would sit there and argue with me stating that I am not [insert big name bodybuilder here] and that I do not know what I am talking about because I am not their “shepherd.” Sheep beget sheep.

Jealous, competitive for dominance

Sheepish people become very jealous when someone is better than them in any aspect. When it comes to the gym, they hate to see people who are stronger or better looking than him. Instead of going to those people and trying to learn from them so they can become better and learn new things, they go on a rampage for dominance and will start doing crazy things just to say they are better than someone else. Sheepish people don’t understand the value of learning from other people and using it as proper motivation rather than jealous rage and stupidity.

Constantly need fresh water, fresh pasture

Sheepish people always need something new. They do not understand the value of “old school” methods or things that have been proven in the past that have worked. They feel like if it’s not a fresh idea, it will not work. Sometimes, following the old method or going back to old pastures, will yield you the greatest results and sheepish people don’t see that. They also don’t realize that these new ideas that they are so crazy about are based off of the old school ideas. If they would do a little research and separate themselves from their shepherds, they would learn a thing or two.

Have very little discernment in choosing food or waters

This is a big one right here and it needs to be covered. People who are stuck in this sheep mentality can’t tell the difference between what is good for them and what is poison to their bodies. They think just because some supplement or diet is the hottest thing on the market, it is the right thing for them. They have no idea that some things can actually hinder you from progressing or just will make you sick. Each person is different so you have to learn what works for you and what doesn’t. You can’t sit there and think that if it works for your shepherd, it will work for you. It doesn’t work that way.

Frequently look for easy places to rest

Sheepish people are always – and I mean ALWAYS – trying to find the easy way out. They don’t want to commit to doing something that actually requires effort. They will quit something once it gets to be a challenge for them. To keep it simple – they do not know how to commit to anything. Since they do not like anything that will cause them to sweat, be out of breath, or will cause soreness, they will continue to change their routines and never see results.

Creatures of habit; get into “ruts”

Sheep mentality will cause a person to get stuck in ruts which is NEVER a good thing. They will never want to try something new that is suggested to them because they feel that it is a gimmick. Once they learn a certain behavior, they will continue to perpetuate that behavior and will get stuck in a rut and never find a way out on their own. They do not want to learn things for themselves to get them out of the rut and expect their shepherd to get them out. The shepherd will not always be there so when he/she is not there, what are they going to do?

Need “rod and staff” guidance

Rod and Staff guidance – the worst kind of guidance around. Basically, sheep people need to be guided in every aspect of their lives by the shepherd (staff) and when they veer off just a little; they are beat back to the path chosen by the shepherd (rod). There is no self-growth or self-learning in this which will cause these sheepish people to become stuck in a rut.

Sheepish people will never achieve any sort of greatness in their lives. They will never have an original thought of their own. They will never see what the world has to offer them. So, I ask today – are you a sheep?


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