Smashing Weights

Sup big dawgz! The Boss Man here with another interview. This interview is the inaugural Big Dawg Ambassador interview where we feature a member of Big Dawgz United who exhibits what it truly means to be a big dawg. Our first Ambassador is a monster of a man from the mean streets of Philadelphia (cue “Eye of the Tiger”). He’s a powerlifter who plays no games when it comes to his craft and lives the big dawg lifestyle every waking moment. Let’s welcome Corey Britton.

Corey Britton does not only smash weights - he eats them too!

Name: Corey “Smash” Britton
Date of Birth: 18 October 1986
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 325-350 (currently 350)
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Current Residence: Philadelphia, PA
Years Training: 5
Gym Name: LA Fitness & Iron Sport Gym
Marital Status: Currently in a relationship
Occupation: Auto Technician

Thanks for doing this interview and congratulations on being the first Big Dawg Ambassador. How did you get into lifting and more specifically, powerlifting?

Well I’ve been overweight a lot of my life. I had a personal trainer for a week at LA Fitness when I realized they were a crock of shit. I started training with my buddy Mike. He was in a local metal/death metal band and an ex-powerlifter. He was the first person I ever seen bench 315lbs. At that time, I wanted to get as big as Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler. About a year and a half into my BSN lifestyle, I saw Ryan Kennelly bench 1120 to a 1 board. I took off from there with learning the movements. I met my crew at LA Fitness, and then I can really say I became addicted.

That sounds like my story. The only difference is that it was Mike Wolfe. Anyways, what challenges have you faced to get to the point that you are at now?

I faced mostly injuries and lack of time. I work 2 jobs and they take a lot out of me. Last year, I had a pretty bad shoulder injury. It had me out of commission for a good 3 months. That fucked my head up a lot!

I remember you telling me about that when it happened. I’ve spoken to a plethora of powerlifters and each one of them prepares for a meet differently. How do you prepare for a meet?

My meet preparation mostly is diet and eating clean for a 10 week span and running strict Westside Barbell or Gorilla Method. I always train for strength and new personal records.

See people, the Westside Method is not the only method out there for powerlifters. A big topic amongst powerlifters is supplements. What is your opinion on supplements for powerlifters?

I suggest using recovery supplements and the whole AtLarge Nutrition line. I honestly feel they work the best. My endorsement from BMF SPORTS gives me an Energy Supplement called ACT. It’s a natural supplement and it’s good too. Definitely check it out.

Being 350lbs, I know you eat enough food to feed a family of four. What does it really take to feed you?

I usually eat about 10 babies and 5 humans a day. (Just kidding) I usually take in around 5lbs of steak a day and 3lbs of chicken for pre-competition. I also eat a lot of sweet potatoes and asparagus also. When I am not getting ready for a meet, I eat leaner white meats and hit a steak here 2-3 times a week.

I had baby legs the other night – just kidding! Who inspired you to get involved in powerlifting?

Honestly, it was my training squad – Vince, Scotty, Brian, and Ray. They said it was fun and I like fun things.

Yes – powerlifting is fun! What is your greatest feat of strength so far and what feat of strength do you want to accomplish?

My deadlift is my best power move. It’s currently at 685 from the ground and 700 for an 18-inch strongman dead. I want to conquer the squat. My form is so bad with it now.

As most people know (or don’t know), Big Dawgz United is worldwide. What is the training scene down in your neck of the woods?

In Philly, it’s rare to hear of a powerlifter. Everyone wants The Situation’s Jersey Shore Abs. Personally, I think they should man up and squat – without the bitch pad. I think it’s gay. Go ahead Go Kick Rocks Pretty Boy. I’ll shit on your chest.

Hmmm. I sense some tension there. What advice can you give to someone who wants to incorporate powerlifting into their lifting regimen?

Train your ass off and you’ll be golden. Run the 5×5 program then run the 8×3 program for strength. Stay with it. Your gains will be better than what you expected.

What about for those who want to compete in powerlifting?

Start Pause training for your bench; get rid of the wrist wraps for your deadlifts, and squat below parallel.

Good points Smash. What are your future goals?

Well I’m currently training strongman as well as powerlifting. I want to take over both worlds like Benedikt Magnusson. I want to steal his 1015 World Record Deadlift.

Smash got smashed by the Prowler Flu!

When I saw that video, I was like DAMN! However, I have full confidence that you will break that with ease. QUICK FIRE TIME!! I’m going to give you a topic and I want a one sentence response.

Nick Winters – Strong Motherfucker. Favorite Raw Super Heavyweight lifter. REST IN PEACE
Geared vs. Raw – Both
Shawn Frankl – Dude’s a damn freakin’ lil’ monster
World Records – I’m going to have one someday
The 225 benchmark – Let’s you know if lifting is right for you
The Powerlifer Stereotype – Fuck it. It is what it is
Linear Periodization vs. Conjugate periodization – Conjugate Method
Powerlifting as an Olympic sport – I’d watch it
The one movie I can watch repeatedly is – Halloween
The one food I could gorge on all day is – Grapes
The one song that gets me pumped for a good training session is – Chimaira- Resurrection

What do you do in your spare time?

Chill mostly, play with my dog, playing my guitars ( a lot of death metal) I’m in a band so that for sure, writing music, Playing shows, Going to shows, going out with the girl and/or friends: Anything I can have a good time with.

Where do you see the sport of powerlifting in the future?

I want to see it on TV. Fuck – ping pong is boring. So is golf.

How can the people out there reading this get in contact with you? or

Well, I want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to do this interview. Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Shawn Lyte and BMF Sports
Jay Sailor and Big Dawgz United
My lifting Squad at LA Fitness (Vince, Brian, Scotty, Ray, Ryan, Mike DiSantis)
Strongman crew Jerry Zsido and Jared B.
My dog, My Girl Melissa, Some family members
Deon Brauer, John Loncynski, Mike Watehovich
The Brotanas (Rob, Christian, Bree, Steve, Alex, Joey V, Ernesto, Smashley, Chris Bennet, Brucey, Mikey Dubz, Vicki Ice Pick)
Steve Pulcinella at Iron Sport (very helpful)
Ty Phillips, Jay Ashman, Charles VanBonn, Nate Gooch and anyone who supports my lifting and future dreams.

There you have it folks! Make sure you stay updated with BDU. If you want to be our next Big Dawg Ambassador, send us an email at


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