Adaptation by Gabe Wells

I was having a discussion with a client the other day about the healthcare/fitness industry and why there are no absolutes. We both established that the healthcare industry has solidfied itself as a field of practice, however what about the fitness industry? The red-headed step-sister to the healthcare industry, fitness wants to establish itself as a completely absolute field of study. Why? Well, this is were it gets pretty interesting and I am pretty sure that others may agree/disagree with what I may have to say. If you agree, cool if not cool still. I’m not here to hold hands and pacify, my job is to give you the unadulterated truth at least in my eyes. (insert wink and “the gun” gesture.) Here’s where the buck needs to stop and start making sense; THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES IN FITNESS except change, what does this mean? What has worked for you before may not always work for you now. Means that those glorified diets, programs, fitness trends are destined to stall out after a period of time regardless of your level of commitment. Your body has this ability to “learn” from previous ventures it is call adaptation. Example, we all know this person or have been this person at one point or the other, “I have been walking at the track for about 2 months, the weight came off fast and began to slow down to a standstill. What happened?” Adaptation is what happened, your body basically “learned” what you have been doing over that period and adjusted it’s energy reserves accordingly as to preserve itself. There is nothing wrong with adaptation If you understand that this the only absolute in the fitness industry. You can throw a curveball at your body by switching your routine and dietary habits, usually every few weeks your body learns a new habit that is foreign….simple solution, small changes will create huge results. A tweak here or there, such as a cheat day a week could actually throw your body into shock or  even a different workout routine. Just remember if you are finding yourself stalling out just make a small change and watch where it takes you…


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