How to Get Shredded and Stay Ripped All Summer Long by Jesse Westburgh

Who doesn’t want to be able to walk down the beach and have every head turn to look at you? Want to know how? Well just let me start off with saying your journey will not be an easy one. Getting and maintaining a shredded physique takes discipline and desire. If you’re one of those people who start preparing their beach body in May, you are wrong! You need to build a good base of muscle mass in the winter months and then once the beginning of spring comes along then start your cutting phase. Cutting down fat and water starts with your diet. This is hands down the most important part. You need to be eating clean healthy foods every two and a half to three hours. These foods should consist of high protein (chicken, white fish, lean turkey, Greek yogurt), moderate to low carbs (oat meal, brown rice, Ezekiel bread, fruits, veggies), and a good amount of healthy fats (almonds, sweet potatoes, other unsalted nuts).

The timing of eating certain foods is also very important.  You want high protein in every meal, good amount of carbs in the morning to get your day going, healthy fats right before bed, and 55g of carbs/30g protein/20g simple carbs(something like gummy bears!) right after your workout.

Next, we have your water intake. If you want to lose water weight, you have to drink A LOT of water. By drinking 1 to 2 gallons of water a day, you will trick your body into getting out of survival mode and to stop storing water. The less you drink, the more your body will store. High amounts of sodium and certain supplements such as creatine will cause you to retain water as well.

Now we get to everyone’s favorite part, the workouts! When it comes to cutting down I use Steve Poynter’s Psychotic Fat Destruction plan. This plan consists of high intensity high reps and changes up very often throughout the 12 week process. If you want to get more details about this workout, you’ll just have to go check out his web site I highly recommend this! In addition to his workouts, I do a very large variety of high intensity cardio. Some of my favorite ways of getting the sweat going are HIIT sessions of the elliptical and stair master, tire flips, sledge hammer workouts, and flipping a palm tree log end over end up and down the beach.

Supplementation, in addition to healthy eating and proper workouts, will take you just one step closer to having an awesomely shredded body. Some of my favorites while cutting are Cellucor D4 and C4, Optimum Nutrition HydroWhey, MaxMuscle BCAA, and MaxMuscle Vita-Cel multivitamin.

If you can muster together the strength to put together all of these factors together for a long enough period of time, you will absolutely impress all beach goers! Just remember that it’s not about whether or not you go to the gym, it’s about what you do while you’re in there.

Work hard and push yourself to new limits every day!

“Failure is my strength, pain is my motivation.” – Michael Jordan

About the Author

Jesse Westburgh is a 22 year old pipe fitter from Mt. Pleasant, SC.  A Kentucky native, Jesse has been seriously lifting for about a year after being rescued from overtraining and poor diet by good friend (and fellow big dawg) Steve Poynter, who he credits for expanding his knowledge of bodybuilding and helping him find a new love and respect for the bodybuilding lifestyle. Jesse looks forward to stepping on stage next year while he learns as much as he can so he can share it with others.


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